(1) Our mission: optimize services for our guests, progress with the staff, contribute to our shareholders and take responsibility for the society.

Jinjiang Hotel take high quality service as the basis for further development,the joint growth of enterprise and employees as a sign of its success, the creation of a sustained and stable economic returns to shareholders as its standard, the payback to society as our bounden reponsibility.

(2) Our vision: to become the world-renowned hotel brand that guests yearning for, employees feel pround of, shareholders satisfied and all of you pleased.

Jin Jiang Hotel is the prior choice and desirous place to customer for its high quality services, and make employees feel proud for its guaranteed interest protection and harmonious circumstances,and get the social recognition for rewarding behavior.It has won praise from all sectors of society and its fame is widely spread around the world.

(3) Core values: pursuing harmony and quality etiquette service perfectly

“Harmony”contains integration,peace,cooperation and other ideological content.“etiquette”originally refers to laws and institutions and ethics of ancient Chinese society.And here mainly refers to the management system, behaviour standard, professional ethics, manners etiquette, service standards etc of Jin Jiang hotel.

Jin Jiang Hotel inherites the Chinese civilization idea of “Harmony”, we take it for guide to self-cultivation,mannered, enterprise management and mould the distinctive spirit of our hotel.